Did Christ Over Sinners Weep?

1. Did Christ over sinners weep,
And shall our cheeks be dry?
Let floods of penitential grief,
Burst forth from every eye

Chorus: Behold the Son of God in tears,
The angels wondering see
Hast thou no wonder, O my soul?
He shed those tears for thee!

2. He wept that we might weep,
Might weep over sin and shame
He wept to show His love for us,
And bid us love the same (Chorus)

3. Then tender be our hearts,
Our eyes in sorrow dim
Til every tear from every eye,
Be wiped away by Him (Chorus)

Henry Lyte. Beautiful Indelible Grace arrangement here.

It’s entirely possible I’m “reading” the song wrong, because what I’m about to write is not a theme picked up much in the “notes” visible at the Indelible Grace website linked above. But this song came up in my playlist earlier this Holy Week—I had played a song earlier on the album to test out how well a sound system was working and this followed in sequence—and it really struck a chord in me, particularly:

Did Christ over sinners weep, and shall our cheeks be dry?

Our Lord wept sinners, and won for us eternal life? Do we weep for sinners, or are we too busy waging war? Do we weep for sinners, moved to compassion and love in following our Lord himself, or are we trying to win them to our “team” for our own glory? Do we weep over sinners, or do we lament how difficult unbelievers make life for us? Does the existence of an us/them dichotomy bring us to tears? Christ wept over sinners—what do our cheeks look like? Do we weep for those who remain hopeless apart from Jesus? Do we long—deeply, passionately—for “them” to be included when the Kingdom of Heaven comes in fullness and every tear is wiped away and Death is put away forever? Are we begging God to stir up in our hearts for others the very same love with which he loved us?

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