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After wondering why his socks didn’t have holes, he started talking about his┬ásandals, which do have “holes” in them. But maybe he was speaking┬ámore generally?

MRH: My like holes.

Dada: You like holes?

MRH: Yes. I like holes too!

Breakfast Prayers

Two-thirds of the way through breakfast, while a repairman works on the garage out back.
MRH: pway first
Dada: play first? Let’s finish breakfast!
MRH: no…pway! Pway first!
Dada: pray? Yes! We should pray before we…continue…breakfast! What do you want to pray for?
MRH: Blue.
Dada: What else?
MRH: People.
Dada: Who?
MRH: Garage door [repair man].