Following bedtime prayers, earlier this week …

MRH: wait, I have a question.

Dad: OK.

MRH: So, like, Adam and Eve?

Dad: Yes?

MRH: God made them first. And then they had babies.

Dad: Yes…?

MRH: And then they had babies, and they had babies (there are indescribable hand motions to this part) and they had babies and then all the to now there are seven billion people and then everybody stopped growing?

Dad: Well, no. Nobody’s stopped growing. I mean, Mama and I aren’t getting any taller now, but we’re still getting older. And you are still growing. And one day you’ll grow up and get married, and maybe you’ll have children — or maybe not, but a lot of people who are your age now will grow up and do that.

MRH: And they’ll have babies!

Dad: Right! God keeps making new people! Isn’t that amazing?

MRH: Well, mostly it’s the girls who make them.

Dad: Um… well…

MRH: I wonder why He did that.

Dad: You’ll have to ask him, you know when we’re with him all the time, like at the Great Feast.

MRH: Awwww. I don’t think I will remember.

Dad: Well, you’ll have plenty of time. I wouldn’t worry about that.

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