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After we got into the car to go to Nana’s…

MrH: Dada, Moose would like to listen to some of your new Jesus songs.

We listened to a couple of worship songs on the way. When Chris Tomlin’s “I Will Follow” came on I asked if he liked it (because I kind of wanted to skip it).

MrH: Moose does like it! Look he’s dancing! He never did this before his whole life. *makes dancing moves with Moode* Did you know he could dance on two legs!?

Me: Moose can dance on just two legs?

MrH: Just this one.


Nice move

At the zoo this morning…

Cousin E, having seen MrH eat animal crackers earlier: Where’s the animal crackers? Where’s the animal crackers?

They didn’t bring any.

MrH walks over, silently pulls up his shirt, and points to his belly.

A Crane!

 MrH: Look Hop-Hop! A crane! Somebody gave that to me. 

Dada: Do you know who gave that to you?

MrH: Uhm. I don’t!

Dada: Mama and I gave that to you for your very first birthday. 

MrH: Oh! *as genuinely sweetly as you can imagine, as though he was really concerned he hadn’t said it before* Thank you!