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“I Need An Axe”

MrH was helping me outside trimming trees for a few minutes, then went back inside. By himself, he started gathering “tools” together to come help me, including his stool from the bathroom. After some rummaging around, he said out of nowhere to Mama, “If only I had an ax.”

He re-emerged outside with his stool and a plastic beach toy rake, and when the stool proved to be too short to reach the branches he insisted I hold him up. He was both surprised and disappointed that the rake was not sharp enough to cut the tree, and profoundly sad that I deemed a pole saw not kid-friendly enough for a four year old.


End of an Era

Today, Micah woke up and announced he was done with his pacifier. He asked Mama to throw it away, but we insisted that if he was serious then he should do it. He marched into the kitchen and hurled his paci into the garbage can. 

He has tried before and regretted it, but I think this time is for real. 

I’m Micah 

Tonight while we were getting ready for bed Micah was asking lots of questions…

Mama: I like that you are curious

Micah: I’m not curious, I’m Micah

Mama: You can be lots of things. You can be Micah and curious and smart and-

Micah: No I can be two things because I am two. So I am Micah and I am also very very very VERY nice. 

Straw or brick?

Last night while getting ready for bed…

M: Who built our house mama?

Me: I don’t know, it was built a long time ago honey. 

M: Oh. Well, is our house made of straw or bricks?

Me: Bricks. 

M: So it will stand up, it won’t fall down?

I think someone read Three Little Pigs recently…