After we got into the car to go to Nana’s…

MrH: Dada, Moose would like to listen to some of your new Jesus songs.

We listened to a couple of worship songs on the way. When Chris Tomlin’s “I Will Follow” came on I asked if he liked it (because I kind of wanted to skip it).

MrH: Moose does like it! Look he’s dancing! He never did this before his whole life. *makes dancing moves with Moode* Did you know he could dance on two legs!?

Me: Moose can dance on just two legs?

MrH: Just this one.


Nice move

At the zoo this morning…

Cousin E, having seen MrH eat animal crackers earlier: Where’s the animal crackers? Where’s the animal crackers?

They didn’t bring any.

MrH walks over, silently pulls up his shirt, and points to his belly.

A Crane!

 MrH: Look Hop-Hop! A crane! Somebody gave that to me. 

Dada: Do you know who gave that to you?

MrH: Uhm. I don’t!

Dada: Mama and I gave that to you for your very first birthday. 

MrH: Oh! *as genuinely sweetly as you can imagine, as though he was really concerned he hadn’t said it before* Thank you!

23 questions

On Facebook this week several of my friends have posted this list of questions with their kids’ answers. I decided to try it with Micah and here are his answers (without any prompting from me):

Childs Name: Micah
Age: 2 (3 in August)

1. What is something mommy always says to you?
What? I don’t know.
2. What makes mommy happy?
When I go potty on the potty chair.
3. What makes mommy sad?
When I don’t go potty on the potty chair.
4. How does mommy make you laugh?
When she plays with me with my easel. 
5. What was mommy like as a child?
You drink from a bottle.
6. How old is mommy?
I don’t know…eight?
7. How tall is mommy?
A little bit big but not all the way to the ceiling.
8. What is mommy’s favorite thing to do?
Play with toys.
9. What does mommy do when you’re not here?
I don’t know.
10. If mommy becomes famous what will it be for?
11. What is mommy really good at?
Playing with me.
12. What is mommy not very good at?
Not playing with me.
13. What is mommy job?
I don’t know. Is it a work day tomorrow?
14. What makes you proud of mommy?
I don’t know.
15. What is mommy’s favourite food?
You finished your dinner! Want to go get a snack because you finished dinner?
16. What do you & mommy do together?
Be happy together.
17. How are you & mommy the same?
We’re not the same. We don’t match.
18. If your mommy was a cartoon character who would she be?
<blank stare>
19. How are you & mommy different?
You’re different (points to mama). I’m different (points to himself). 
20. How do you know mommy loves you?
Aw! I love you, Mama. 
21. What does mommy like best about Daddy?
I don’t know, what? 
22. Where is mommy’s favorite place to go?
23. How old was mommy when she had you?
I don’t know. Did you feed me a bottle when I was a baby? Can you show me a picture of me when I was a baby?