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Breakfast Prayers

Two-thirds of the way through breakfast, while a repairman works on the garage out back.
MRH: pway first
Dada: play first? Let’s finish breakfast!
MRH: no…pway! Pway first!
Dada: pray? Yes! We should pray before we…continue…breakfast! What do you want to pray for?
MRH: Blue.
Dada: What else?
MRH: People.
Dada: Who?
MRH: Garage door [repair man].

MRH and God’s Love

Two stories.

Two nights ago, when we had read the two books we had time for, Micah asked to read one more book. He had been really good and the two books had been short, so I said, “sure,” and he hopped out of the chair and walked over to his bookshelves. He pulled a book of prayers (Really Wooly Bedtime Prayers) off the shelf as his choice, and I told him we would choose one prayer to read.

I picked a page, and read the Psalm verse and poem. MRH has never been much of a “repeater,” but when I got to the prayer, I told him to repeat after me. “Dear God.” “Dear God,” he said quietly.

“Thank you.” “Thank you.”

“For being my friend.” “For being my friend.”

“When I’m sad.” “When I’m sad.”

“Amen.” “Amen.”

Aunt Ashley and Uncle Mark gave Micah a Max Lucado book called The Boy and the Ocean at his baptism last year. We’d never been able to get him to even look at it, but a few days ago Micah ran to the shelf and pulled it down as the book he wanted to read before bed. Completely unprompted. It’s all bout how God’s love is like the ocean, the mountains, and the sky. God’s love is big, God’s love is special, God’s love never ends, etc. It’s really sweet and I really like it. So we read it obsessively before bed for a few days, and now we’re on to something else.

Tonight, we read a book about clouds and one of the clouds turns into a shark from the ocean.

“What does the ocean remind you of, Micah?”

“God’s love.”

I popped the pacifier out if his mouth. “What was that? What does the ocean remind you of?”

“God’s love.”