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➠ Scripts

Here’s video of Walter Brueggemann on the competing world views—he calls them scripts—operating in the world. He mentions the ongoing crisis in Ferguson as a point of illustration. I’m not certain that he is spot on in his discussion of liberalism and conservatism in the Church, but I do think reframing the discussion as he suggests can only improve things.

Scripts – The Work Of The People (h/t to Glenn Packiam)

➠ How to turn small talk into smart conversation

Engaging people in meaningful conversation—even if not overtly spiritual or evangelistic in nature—is something we can all be better at. Especially me.

We stagger through our romantic, professional and social worlds with the goal merely of not crashing, never considering that we might soar. We go home sweaty and puffy, and eat birthday cake in the shower.

via How to turn small talk into smart conversation | h/t Elise.

➠ The Spasmodic Hercules

Tim Challies on “the Spasmodic Hercules.” We’ve probably heard the maxim before about overestimating what’s possible in the short-term and underestimating long-term possibilities, but this blog post is spot on. It’s something I worry about—maybe worry isn’t the right word—something I want to be aware of as we begin this work of planting. Can we settle into patterns in our daily and weekly life that will yield the long-term fruit God is looking for?

I see this in work.…I see this in parenting.…But most of all, I see this in spiritual growth. We are often tempted to believe that one moment of great spiritual intensity will bring about greater and more lasting change than the oh-so-ordinary means of grace. We can have more confidence in the single three-day conference than in the day-by-day discipline of Scripture reading and prayer, the week-by-week commitment to the preaching of the Word and public worship.…

This is where so many Christians lose their confidence—they want quick growth and measurable results, and give up far too soon.

The Spasmodic Hercules | Challies Dot Com via Kendall Harmon at Titus 1:9.

Empty Playground

MRH doing "experiments" with dirt and mulch, August 2014
MRH doing “experiments” with dirt and mulch, August 2014
MRH climbing on the playground
MRH climbing on the playground, July 2014.

Rori and I passed by the neighborhood playground on our walk this afternoon. It was empty (and with the fairly cool weather, I really wonder where all the kids were). Even though I drive right by the same playground every time I leave the house, for some reason the combination of walking and its emptiness today hit me pretty hard. I really miss my little Micah Moo, my Micah Man, Mister H.

I remember looking at the playground before Micah was born and anticipating the day we could explore it together. My memory of feeling that anticipation is clearer and stronger than the memory of our first visit there. I remember seeing him go down the slide for the first time (with a big person, and then his first time alone). I remember my trepidation at seeing him clamber up the steps without holding anybody’s hand. I remember seeing my son panicked for the very first time when he looked to where he thought I was as he came around the corner during his explorations, and I wasn’t where he expected. I thought about him sitting in my lap in the big boy swing just last week on our last day before he left for Florida.

This Morning’s Psalms are Beautiful

Since Elise and I have been doing a modified Lectio divina I haven’t been doing Morning Prayer, but in my first morning alone I thought it would be nice. Psalm 113 and 115 are appointed for today and they are just beautiful.

Psalm 113

1 Hallelujah!
     Give praise, you servants of the LORD;*
     praise the Name of the LORD.

2 Let the Name of the LORD be blessed,*
     from this time forth for evermore.

3 From the rising of the sun to its going down*
     let the Name of the LORD be praised.

4 The LORD is high above all nations,*
     and his glory above the heavens.

5 Who is like the LORD our God, who sits enthroned on high,*
     but stoops to behold the heavens and the earth?

6 He takes up the weak out of the dust*
     and lifts up the poor from the ashes.

7 He sets them with the princes,*
     with the princes of his people.

8 He makes the woman of a childless house*
     to be a joyful mother of children.

Psalm 115

1 Not to us, O LORD, not to us,
     but to your Name give glory;*
     because of your love and because of your faithfulness.

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NAMS 20th Anniversary Celebration

I’m attending the 20th Anniversary Celebration for the NAMS Network on my way to Florida next month. I’m really excited to catch up with some old friends, make some new friends, and to sit on on some of these workshops, like:

  • Learning to Share the Gospel Relationally & Effectively
  • Staying Happily Married While Church Planting
  • Global Mission & the Survival of the Local Church

20th Anniversary Celebration Workshops