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NERD ALERT: Error 0x8007003A

If you’re not interested in weird technical things, stop reading. I’m putting this here first and foremost so I mayr ever to it later. If it helps somebody else, even better.

This was a new one. At work we were trying to copy some files from a Mac OS X 10.10 server onto a Windows 8.1 workstation. The logged-in user had read/write privileges on all the files in the folder, but was presented Error 0x8007003A on file copy. From a Mac, I could copy the files just fine.

For some reason, seemingly arbitrary files were marked as having been downloaded from the Internet. Specifically, they had Extended Attribute You can detect the presence of extended attributes from the output of ls -al when files are marked with an @ at the end of the permissions column. ls -al@ will output the extended attributes.

To remove an extended attribute, you can use xattr. In my case, though, with sporadic files spread across dozens of directories and subdirectories, there’s what I used:

find ./ -print0 -type f -exec xattr -d {} \;